Freedom | Function | Fashion

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Our Three Fs

FineTunes are predicated on the concept of you, the wearer, running things on your own agenda. With FineTunes you're in control and have freedom from the constraints of the alternatives - photochromic lenses, sunglasses, flip ups, etc. Many alternatives, no solution. With FineTunes you fine-tune when you have glasses and when you have sunglasses.

FineTunes are a functional product meant to make life easier. No need for sunglasses or photochormic lenses - just FineTunes. However, we didn't just want to make a functional product. We wanted to make a fashionable one. FineTunes to fulfil their purpose with style.

Our first design is the first of many more to come. It's suitable for casual or formal wear, sunny days and cloudy ones.

Freedom, function and fashion. They are what have been driving the ethos at Gilaasi from inception.

Below you'll see the journey of how the FineTunes black edition has developed so far, from one of our earliest prototypes to our latest.

One of the problems with the current "solution". Not anymore - just take FineTunes