When will I be able to buy a pair?

We are currently working on bringing our first collection to life. It will be an exclusive and limited in size and we intend to deliver it by early 2019. Sign up here to find out when these first few hundred pairs become available and be one of the first to own a set.

How are FineTunes different from photochromic lenses?

FineTunes offer you control and speed.

Firstly, with FineTunes you can finetune your eyewear between glasses and sunglasses whenever you want. With photochromic lenses, you have no control over when your glasses tint.

Secondly, with FineTunes you can finetune your eyewear from glasses to sunglasses and back within 1 second. With photochromic lenses, this would take minutes. The functionality of FineTunes means you won't walk inside and look terrible.

How light and dark do the FineTunes go?

The light transmittance of Gilaasi FineTunes is approximately 75% at their clearest and 35% at their most tinted.

How much will Gilaasi FineTunes cost?

Gilaasi FineTunes will likely retail at £300 - around the same price you would pay for a pair of designer glasses and designer sunglasses together.

Will FineTunes come with my prescription?

Absolutely. Gilaasi FineTunes were made for prescription glasses wearers.

How waterproof will FineTunes be?

We intend for FineTunes to be rated at least IP54.

What if my FineTunes run out of battery?

Your FineTunes will remain in the lightest state (as glasses) so you won't walk around with sunglasses!

How long will the battery last?

Currently the battery can last for 40 hours straight in sunglasses mode (even longer if you decide not to wear sunglasses all day).

Will FineTunes provide UV protection?

Yes, 100% UVA and UVB